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Welcome to Imperial Motors Company Ltd

Japanese trading company founded in 1954 and currently specialising in the export of used automobiles from Japan, dedicated to high quality of service and customer satisfaction


Japanese Automobiles

(New & Used)

We are members of major auctions in Japan and purchase units daily all over Japan. We deal in all makers of Japanese cars, trucks, and all major international car brands. Each unit is inspected by our mechanic prior to shipment to ensure quality control. With our extensive clientele, we ship regularly to Africa, Oceania, Caribbean and parts of Asia while maintaining a high standard of quality which sets us apart from our competitors. 


If interested in purchasing vehicles or want to know more information, feel free to contact us!


Tel: +81-78-393-8029

Mobile: +81-90-1918-2274

Fax: +81-78-393-8051



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