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In the business since 1954

Imperial Motors Co. Ltd. is the new innovation from Imperial Trading Co. Ltd., founded in 1954 by Mr. B.S. Sethi, and has since been actively involved in the export of various items. Imperial Motors Co. Ltd. is a small and friendly company with efficient and multi-lingual staff. We are small, not in volume, but in personnel, which makes us cost efficient and competitive in today’s world. At the same time, maintaining high quality of service and customer satisfaction is our priority.

Over the last 20 years, there has been great demand for used Japanese vehicles and parts. With our long experience and vast knowledge, we have developed goods relations with our suppliers here in Japan and customers worldwide. The company has taken great pains to develop its business in this field. We are constantly looking for new ideas to develop our business. We continue to expand our business with our existing customers while opening new markets and outlets.

Used Cars
High quality cars




Tel: +81-78-393-8029

Mobile: +81-90-1918-2274

Fax: +81-78-393-8051



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